Wansapanataym The Movie 24 years old

The story is about an orphan named Anna who searched for her long-lost father. With the guardian angel Barbiel's help, Anna was able to see the latter's father even for a moment.


Wansapanataym The Movie Cast

Name Character
Serena Dalrymple She was 8, now 33 years old as Barbiel
Angel Aquino She was 26, now 50 years old as Sylvia
Shaina Magdayao She was 9, now 34 years old as Ana
Gloria Sevilla She was 67, now 91 years old as Bising
Rosemarie Gil She was 57, now 81 years old
Dick Israel He was 39, 56 years old when he died
Jericho Rosales He was 19, now 44 years old as Michael Arcangel

Wansapanataym The Movie Crew

Name Department
Marya Ignacio as Editor. Editing
Jaime Fabregas as Music. He was 49 (now 73) years old Sound
Tess V. Fuentes as Supervisor of Production Resources. Crew
Malou N. Santos as Producer. Production
Charo Santos-Concio as Executive Producer. She was 43 (now 68) years old Production
Shaira Mella Salvador as Story. Writing
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Wansapanataym The Movie (24 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, May 26, 1999