W. 14 years old

A life misunderestimated.


The story of the eventful life of George W. Bush—his struggles and triumphs, how he found both his wife and his faith—and the critical days leading up to his decision to invade Iraq.


W. Cast

Name Character
Elizabeth Banks She was 34, now 49 years old as Laura Bush
Ioan Gruffudd He was 35, now 49 years old as Tony Blair
Richard Dreyfuss He was 60, now 75 years old as Dick Cheney
Rob Corddry He was 37, now 52 years old as Ari Fleischer
Scott Glenn He was 67, now 82 years old as Donald Rumsfeld
Bruce McGill He was 58, now 73 years old as George Tenet
Ellen Burstyn She was 75, now 90 years old as Barbara Bush
Colin Hanks He was 30, now 45 years old as Speechwriter #1
Stacy Keach He was 67, now 82 years old as Rev. Earle Hudd
Jeffrey Wright He was 42, now 57 years old as Colin Powell
Jason Ritter He was 28, now 43 years old as Jeb Bush
Jesse Bradford He was 29, now 44 years old as Fraternity President
Thandie Newton She was 35, now 50 years old as Condoleezza Rice
Toby Jones He was 42, now 57 years old as Karl Rove
Noah Wyle He was 37, now 52 years old as Don Evans
James Cromwell He was 68, now 83 years old as George Herbert Walker Bush
Marley Shelton She was 34, now 49 years old as Fran
Michael Gaston He was 45, now 60 years old as General Tommy Franks
Josh K He was 12, now 27 years old as George W. Bush

W. Crew

Name Department
Joe Hutshing as Editor. He was 8 (now 23) years old Editing
Paul Cantelon as Music. He was 48 (now 63) years old Sound
Derek R. Hill as Production Design. Art
Michael Dennison as Costume Design. He was 56 (58) years old when He died Costume & Make-Up
Paul Hanson as Producer. He was 1980 (now 1995) years old Production
Alex Hajdu as Art Direction. Art
Julie Monroe as Editor. She was 8 (now 23) years old Editing
Eric Kopeloff as Producer. Production
Stanley Weiser as Screenplay. He was 55 (now 70) years old Writing
Moritz Borman as Producer. He was 53 (now 68) years old Production
Mel Cooper as Set Decoration. Art
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W. (14 years)

A life misunderestimated.

  • Release day: Friday, October 17, 2008
  • Runtime: 129 minutes
  • Budget: 25100000.00
  • Revenue: 29506464.00