Florence Fight Club (Вставай и бейся) 7 years old

Intertwined stories from the gladiator/athletes participating to the Calcio Storico Fiorentino yearly championship.


Florence Fight Club Cast

Name Character
Sabina Akhmedova She was 33, now 41 years old
Giulia Michelini She was 30, now 38 years old
Guido Caprino He was 42, now 50 years old as Bimbo
Alexey Vorobyov He was 27, now 35 years old as Sergio
Caterina Murino She was 37, now 45 years old as Nadia
Francesca Inaudi She was 37, now 45 years old
Nadir Caselli She was 26, now 34 years old
Branko Đurić He was 53, now 61 years old as Magi
Sergio Albelli He was 49, now 57 years old as Duccio
Giacomo Gonnella He was 47, now 55 years old
Paolo Cioni He was 48, now 56 years old as Cencio
Francesco Scianna He was 33, now 41 years old as Marco

Florence Fight Club Crew

Name Department
Florence Fight Club poster
Florence Fight Club (7 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, June 21, 2015
  • Runtime: 93 minutes