Vinterviken 27 years old


John-John is young and black, growing up with his mother and stepfather in a boring suburb south of Stockholm. On one of the last days of the summer vacation, they rescue 10-year old Patricia from drowning at a public bath in Vinterviken in Lake Mälaren. Her father shows his gratitude by taking them home to the wealthy neighborhood, Bromma, where he and his family lives. John-John meets his daughter Elisabeth, and instantly fall in love with her. But it's a long way to go before he wins her love and her father's consent.


Vinterviken Cast

Name Character
Anki Lidén She was 48, now 76 years old as Lisbeth, Elisabeths mother
Peter Haber He was 43, now 70 years old as Frank, Elisabeths father
Lina Englund She was 20, now 48 years old as Elisabeth
Kjell Bergqvist He was 42, now 70 years old as Rolf, John-Johns stepfather
David Tainton He was 19, now 46 years old as John-John Sundberg
Hasse Jonsson as Raimo
Jeanette Eklinder as Patricia, Elisabeths sister
Ulrika Hansson She was 26, now 53 years old as Lena
Henrik Dorsin He was 18, now 45 years old as School boy
Lakke Magnusson He was 49, 57 years old when he died as Petrol man
Martin Lindqvist He was 17, now 45 years old as Sluggo
Maria Weisby She was 37, now 64 years old as John-Johns mother

Vinterviken Crew

Name Department
Harald Hamrell as Director. He was 35 (now 62) years old Directing
Harald Hamrell as Writer. He was 35 (now 62) years old Writing
Sara Heldt as Writer. She was 35 (now 62) years old Writing
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Vinterviken (27 years)

  • Release day: Friday, January 26, 1996
  • Runtime: 98 minutes