Verliebte Diebe 19 years old

After a successful coup in a luxury hotel in Lichtenstein, the jewel-thief Claire hardly dares her eyes: among the guests are her old "colleague" and former lover Vinzenz Kröger, who now leads a middle-class life. Actually, Claire does not want to have anything to do with the charming rascal. However, he is not ready to let Claire disappear again after he has finally found her again. From a spectacular jewel robbery to sophisticated arrogance, the duo experiences a lot of turbulence - and the emotional life of the two gets really up in the air ...


Verliebte Diebe Cast

Name Character
Götz George He was 65, 77 years old when he died as Vinzenz Kröger
Hermann Beyer He was 60, now 79 years old as Oscar Waldleitner
Martin Brambach He was 35, now 55 years old as Versicherungsmitarbeiter
Suzan Anbeh She was 33, now 52 years old as Martina Ahlers
Jaecki Schwarz He was 57, now 76 years old as Dr. Gerber
Gudrun Landgrebe She was 53, now 72 years old as Klara Waldleitner
Holger Kunkel He was 38, now 57 years old as Redner Diamantenausstellung
Tobias Hoesl He was 41, now 61 years old as Barkeeper
Simon Licht He was 37, now 56 years old as Gilbert Koch
Juraj Kukura He was 56, now 75 years old as Fürst Igor Polnikoff
Matthias Zelic He was 47, now 66 years old as Rezeptionist Hotel Vaduz
Jacques Breuer He was 46, now 66 years old as Axel Tiedtke
Christoph Künzler He was 52, now 71 years old as Kommissar Rüttli

Verliebte Diebe Crew

Name Department
Peter Patzak as Director. He was 58 (now 78) years old Directing
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Verliebte Diebe (19 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, September 13, 2003
  • Runtime: 90 minutes