Underground and Emigrants 47 years old

In this film, outspokenly homosexual filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim has documented his encounters with friends in the New York "underground" arts movement, the better-known of whom are William Burroughs (who says nothing for the camera), Andy Warhol (seen in the distance) and Fernando Arrabal (who is interviewed in Spanish). The emigrants named in the title are notable Germans who left the country before World War II, such as Greta Keller and Grete Mosheim. Reviewers at the time of the film's release considered it to have been a sort of paid vacation for the filmmaker rather than a serious effort. (Clarke Fountain, Rovi)


Underground and Emigrants Cast

Name Character
Andy Warhol He was 48, 58 years old when he died
William S. Burroughs He was 62, 83 years old when he died
Divine She was 31, 42 years old when she died
Charles Ludlam He was 33, 44 years old when he died
Holly Woodlawn She was 29, 69 years old when she died
Rosa von Praunheim He was 33, now 81 years old
Grete Mosheim She was 71, 81 years old when she died
Fernando Arrabal He was 44, now 91 years old
Tom Eyen He was 36, 50 years old when he died

Underground and Emigrants Crew

Name Department
Underground and Emigrants (47 years)

  • Release day: Monday, October 25, 1976
  • Runtime: 89 minutes