Under Siege 36 years old

Terrorists launch an attack against the USA. Their first strike is by a suicide squad that detonates a truckload of explosives at an army base in Washington DC. FBI probes indicate that the attack is by Arab terrorists led by Iranians. Subsequent attacks are via airplanes exploded in mid-air, crowded restaurants, and an attack on a mall. Administration cabinet heads push the President to retaliate. The director of the FBI believes that there may be more to the story than the investigation has revealed and the Secretary of Defense is the only other person urging caution.


Under Siege Cast

Name Character
Beatrice Straight She was 71, 86 years old when she died as Margaret Sloan
Hal Holbrook He was 60, now 97 years old as President Maxwell Monroe
Barry Corbin He was 45, now 81 years old
Mason Adams He was 66, 86 years old when he died as Geoffrey Wiggins
Paul Winfield He was 46, 64 years old when he died as Andrew Simon
Lew Ayres He was 77, 88 years old when he died as John Pace
Peter Strauss He was 38, now 75 years old as John Garry
Victoria Tennant She was 35, now 71 years old as Gloria Garry
George Grizzard He was 57, 79 years old when he died as Warren Richards
Fritz Weaver He was 60, 90 years old when he died as Bernard Hughes
Stan Shaw He was 33, now 69 years old as Nick Tutman
David Opatoshu He was 68, 78 years old when he died as Ambassador Sajid Moktasanni
E.G. Marshall He was 71, 84 years old when he died as Harold Sloan
Ann Sweeny as Kathy Murphy
Frederick Coffin He was 43, 60 years old when he died as Dan Murphy
Thaao Penghlis He was 40, now 76 years old as Abu Ladeen

Under Siege Crew

Name Department
Alfred Sole as Writer. He was 42 (now 78) years old Writing
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Under Siege (36 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, February 09, 1986
  • Runtime: 136 minutes