Tre Calzoni Fortunati 64 years old

Don Felice Sciosciammocca, a poor and simple man, goes to the day, hoping that sooner or later will come the right opportunity to change his life. A nice day at Don Felice comes a parcel from a dear cousin, which contains three pairs of old trousers. Apparently only common value objects, but they will create great surprises.


Tre Calzoni Fortunati Cast

Name Character
Eduardo De Filippo He was 58, 84 years old when he died
Enzo Cannavale He was 30, 82 years old when he died
Pupella Maggio She was 48, 89 years old when she died
Antonio Casagrande He was 27, 91 years old when he died

Tre Calzoni Fortunati Crew

Name Department
Tre Calzoni Fortunati poster
Tre Calzoni Fortunati (64 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, January 01, 1959
  • Runtime: 143 minutes