Touch and Die 32 years old

Martin Sheen stars as an American newsman in Rome who begins to investigate the appearance of several corpses found throughout Europe with their hands cut off. He soon uncovers not only plots of plutonium theft, but also of nuclear arms deals and dark political schemes.


Touch and Die Cast

Name Character
Franco Nero He was 49, now 81 years old as Aquani
Martin Sheen He was 50, now 82 years old as Frank Magenta
Jacques Perrin He was 49, now 81 years old as Steuben
Véronique Jannot She was 33, now 65 years old as Catherine
Horst Buchholz He was 57, 69 years old when he died as Limey Pimlet
Bradley Cole He was 31, now 63 years old as Harrison
Ron De Roxtra as Charlie
Jean-Yves Gautier He was 48, now 80 years old as Pierre
Renée Estevez She was 23, now 55 years old as Emma
Luca Venantini He was 20, now 52 years old as Carlo
Christoph Moosbrugger He was 39, now 71 years old as Alec
Paolo Bonacelli He was 51, now 83 years old as Morelli
David Birney He was 51, now 83 years old as Scanzano
Kent Broadhurst He was 50, now 82 years old as Davis
Nik Hagler as Sam

Touch and Die Crew

Name Department
Piernico Solinas as Director. Directing
Piernico Solinas as Producer. Production
Piernico Solinas as Screenplay. Writing
John Howlett as Screenplay. He was 260 (73) years old when He died Writing
Cornelia von Braun as Casting. Production
Touch and Die poster
Touch and Die (32 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 01, 1991
  • Runtime: 180 minutes