Todo el poder 22 years old

Gabriel is a filmmaker in Mexico City, where he is a victim of crime and violence sometimes even three times a day. This is a black comedy that shows the extreme situation Mexico City is suffering as far as crime is concerned, and the tension the city and it's inhabitants live day after day.


Demián Bichir
Demián Bichir

Gabriel Castro

Diego Luna
Diego Luna


Cecilia Suárez
Cecilia Suárez

Sofía Aguirre

Luis Felipe Tovar
Luis Felipe Tovar

Elvis Quijano

Juan Carlos Colombo
Juan Carlos Colombo

Julián Luna

Todo el poder Cast

Name Character
Rodrigo Murray as Martincito
Gerardo Campbell as Judicial 1
Verónica Langer She was 45, now 68 years old as Frida
Jorge Zárate He was 7, now 29 years old as Taxista
Diego Luna He was 19, now 41 years old as Esteban
Cecilia Suárez She was 27, now 49 years old as Sofía Aguirre
Alex Cox He was 44, now 66 years old as Cuervo
Jorge Robles He was 31, now 53 years old as Joven Asaltante
Juan Carlos Colombo He was 48, now 70 years old as Julián Luna
Demián Bichir He was 35, now 58 years old as Gabriel Castro
Carmen Salinas She was 65, now 88 years old as Doña Cleofas
Luis Felipe Tovar He was 37, now 59 years old as Elvis Quijano
Carlos Arau as Joven Rapado
Ximena Sariñana She was 13, now 35 years old as Valentina
Alejandra Gollas She was 23, now 45 years old as Asistente de Patricia
Olallo Rubio He was 21, now 44 years old as Radio DJ
Carmen Beato as Claudia
José Carlos Rodríguez as Octavio
Leticia Perdigón She was 42, now 65 years old as Señora Asalto Oxxo
Miguel Galván He was 41, 50 years old when he died
Mario Zaragoza He was 39, now 61 years old as Alfonso Moreno
Mario Zaragoza He was 39, now 61 years old as Comandante Alfonso Moreno
Gerardo Martinez as Romeo
Javier Zaragoza as Bigotón
Ricardo Kleinbaum He was 22, now 45 years old as Creativo

Todo el poder Crew

Name Department
Claudia Becker as Casting. Production
Marco Niro as Production Design. Art
Alex Rodriguez as Editor. He was 23 (now 46) years old Editing
Fernando Sariñana as Director. He was 40 (now 62) years old Directing
Fernando Sariñana as Producer. He was 40 (now 62) years old Production
Fernando Sariñana as Screenplay. He was 40 (now 62) years old Writing
Fernando Sariñana as Screenstory. He was 40 (now 62) years old Writing
Carolina Rivera as Screenplay. She was 32 (now 55) years old Writing
Adela Cortázar as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Lynn Fainchtein as Music Editor. Sound
Fernando Moreno as Gaffer. Lighting
Francisco González Compeán as Producer. Production
Avelino Rodríguez as Executive Producer. Production
Todo el poder poster
Todo el poder (22 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, February 28, 1999
  • Runtime: 102 minutes