They Call Him Bruce Lee 42 years old

Jack Lee stars as a “trustee of Bruce Lee” who is in possession of a book that Bruce wrote that blows the whistle on an unsavory dojo. Naturally, the no-good karate school wants to get their hands on it, so they send some goons to rough him up every five minutes or so. He gets a bit fed up with all the non-stop Kung Fu fighting and entrusts the book to a dude named Rey and his comic relief idiot buddy Tito. When the bad guys kidnap Rey’s gal pal, he dons Bruce Lee’s trademark yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death and sets out to rescue her.


They Call Him Bruce Lee Cast

Name Character
Don Gordon Bell
Rey Malonzo
Jack Lee He was 66, 89 years old when he died

They Call Him Bruce Lee Crew

Name Department
They Call Him Bruce Lee poster
They Call Him Bruce Lee (42 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, July 12, 1979
  • Runtime: 84 minutes