The Wonderful Crook (Pas si méchant que ça) 48 years old

A manufacturer of furniture sees his business go down and decides to rob banks to pay his staff. Het gets romantically involved with one of his victims.


The Wonderful Crook Cast

Name Character
Gérard Depardieu He was 25, now 73 years old as Pierre
Michel Robin He was 43, now 91 years old
Philippe Léotard He was 33, 60 years old when he died as Julien
Paul Crauchet He was 53, 92 years old when he died
Maurice Aufair He was 41, now 90 years old
Michel Pilorgé He was 28, now 76 years old
Guillaume Depardieu He was 2, 37 years old when he died as Guillaume, fils de Pierre
Marlène Jobert She was 33, now 81 years old as Nelly
Roland Amstutz He was 31, 55 years old when he died
Jacques Debary He was 59, 97 years old when he died as le père de Pierre
Dominique Labourier She was 30, now 79 years old as Marthe

The Wonderful Crook Crew

Name Department
Charlotte Dubreuil as Screenplay. She was 33 (now 82) years old Writing
Claude Goretta as Director. He was 44 (89) years old when He died Directing
Claude Goretta as Screenplay. He was 44 (89) years old when He died Writing
Yves Gasser as Executive Producer. Production
Yves Peyrot as Executive Producer. Production
Arié Dzierlatka as Original Music Composer. He was 41 (82) years old when He died Sound
Renato Berta as Director of Photography. He was 28 (now 77) years old Camera
The Wonderful Crook poster
The Wonderful Crook (48 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 01, 1974
  • Runtime: 112 minutes