The TV Wheel 28 years old

A demo/presentation/pilot for a sketch comedy show. A single stationary camera was mounted inside the center of a large rotating platform. As the platform rotated around the camera, a scene would come into view of the camera. The wheel would stop and a sketch would play out in the scene, which was often framed by some piece of appropriate artwork or prop (for the purposes of forced perspective). At the end of the scene, the wheel would rotate, carrying one scene out of the camera's view and bringing another in, and a new sketch would begin in the new scene. Some scenes were self-contained on the platform, while others were open to the studio beyond the platform (and additional action would take place in the background).


The TV Wheel Cast

Name Character
David Cross He was 30, 26 years old when he died as Various
Joel Hodgson He was 34, now 63 years old as Himself
Fred Stoller He was 36, now 65 years old as Various
Doug Benson He was 30, now 58 years old as Various
Andy Kindler He was 5, now 23 years old as Various

The TV Wheel Crew

Name Department
Joel Hodgson as Producer. He was 34 (now 63) years old Production
Gary Stockdale as Music. Sound
Judd Apatow as Writer. He was 27 (now 55) years old Writing
The TV Wheel (28 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 01, 1995
  • Runtime: 60 minutes