The Old Texas Trail 77 years old


The Old Texas Trail

In this western, set in Texas, the brave heroes Rod, Fuzzy, and their good-guy gang attempt to keep a band of ruthless outlaws who are trying to take over the reins of a stage coach line.


The Old Texas Trail Cast

Name Character
Fuzzy Knight He was 43, 74 years old when he died as H. Pinkerton 'Pinky' Pinkley
Edmund Cobb He was 52, 82 years old when he died as Joe Gardner, posing as Jim Wiley
Virginia Christine She was 24, 76 years old when she died as Queenie Leone
George Eldredge He was 46, 78 years old when he died as Sparks Diamond
Ray Whitley was 42, 77 years old when died as Amarillo
Marjorie Clements as Mary Lane
Joseph J. Greene He was 49, 84 years old when he died as Jefferson Talbot
Rod Cameron He was 33, 73 years old when he died as Jim Wiley, posing as Rawhide Carney

The Old Texas Trail Crew

Name Department
Lewis D. Collins as Director. He was 45 (55) years old when He died Directing
William Lively as Screenplay. Writing
The Old Texas Trail poster
The Old Texas Trail (77 years)


  • Release day: Wednesday, November 01, 1944
  • Runtime: 60 minutes