The Odd Job 43 years old

Arthur Harris is a happily married man who returns from his job to discover that his wife, Fiona, is leaving him. Devastated he gets really drunk and tries to commit suicide. After a few setbacks and while he is trying to electrocute himself with a lamp, the door bell rings. An odd man in a leather coat asks if there are any odd jobs that he can perform. Arthur hires the man to kill him. The next day his wife returns, but the man he hired is still trying to kill him...


The Odd Job Cast

Name Character
Carolyn Seymour She was 30, now 74 years old as Angie
David Jason He was 38, now 82 years old as The Odd Job Man
Graham Chapman He was 37, 48 years old when he died as Arthur Harris
Diana Quick She was 31, now 75 years old as Fiona Harris
Bill Paterson He was 33, now 77 years old as Sergeant Mull
Michael Elphick He was 31, 55 years old when he died as Raymonde
Simon Williams He was 32, now 76 years old
George Innes He was 40, 43 years old when he died as Caretaker

The Odd Job Crew

Name Department
Peter Medak as Director. He was 40 (now 84) years old Directing
The Odd Job poster
The Odd Job (43 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, August 31, 1978
  • Runtime: 87 minutes