The Mystery of Natalie Wood 18 years old

Uses accounts from family, friends, and acquaintances to tell the story of Natalie Wood and how she started young, acting in the spotlight, making the transition from a childhood actress to serious actress, dating the top names in Hollywood, her life and marriage to her husband, Robert Wagner,and her biggest fear that ended up being the cause of her death


The Mystery of Natalie Wood Cast

Name Character
Rachael Taylor She was 19, now 38 years old as Maryann Marinkovich
Robert Taylor He was 92, 57 years old when he died as Nicholas Ray
Alice Krige She was 49, now 68 years old as Maria Gurdin
Colin Friels He was 51, now 70 years old as Nick Gurdin
John Noble He was 55, now 74 years old as Irving Pichel, Director
Matthew Settle He was 34, now 53 years old as Warren Beatty
Justine Waddell She was 27, now 45 years old as Natalie Wood
Christopher Pate as Elia Kazan
Michael Weatherly He was 35, now 54 years old as Robert Wagner
Grace Fulton She was 7, now 26 years old as Young natalie wood
Lewis Fitz-Gerald He was 45, now 63 years old as Dr. Thayer
Patrick McGrath He was 56, now 74 years old as Edmund Gwenn
Malcolm Kennard He was 37, now 55 years old as Christopher Walken
Steven Vidler He was 44, now 62 years old as Richard Gregson
Sophie Monk She was 24, now 42 years old as Marilyn Monroe
Elizabeth Rice She was 18, now 36 years old as Teenage Natalie Wood
Jason Smith He was 19, now 38 years old as Jimmy Williams
Andy Rodoreda as Roy Tremaine
Barry Langrishe as Jack Warner
Rupert Reid He was 29, now 47 years old as Henry Jaglom
Jarrod Dean as Dennis Hopper

The Mystery of Natalie Wood Crew

Name Department
The Mystery of Natalie Wood poster
The Mystery of Natalie Wood (18 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, February 10, 2004
  • Runtime: 165 minutes