The Mummy Returns 20 years old

The most powerful force on earth is about to be unleashed by the two people who should know better.

The Mummy Returns

Rick and Evelyn O’Connell, along with their 8-year-old son Alex, discover the key to the legendary Scorpion King’s might: the fabled Bracelet of Anubis. Unfortunately, a newly resurrected Imhotep has designs on the bracelet as well, and isn’t above kidnapping its new bearer, Alex, to gain control of Anubis’s otherworldly army.


The Mummy Returns Cast

Name Character
Dwayne Johnson He was 29, now 49 years old as Mathayus the Scorpion King
Rachel Weisz She was 31, now 51 years old as Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell/Princess Nefertiri
Oded Fehr He was 30, now 51 years old as Ardeth Bay
Patricia Velásquez She was 30, now 50 years old as Meela Nais/Anck Su Namun
Arnold Vosloo He was 38, now 59 years old as High Priest Imhotep
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje He was 33, now 54 years old as Lock-Nah
Alun Armstrong He was 54, now 75 years old as Baltus Hafez
Brendan Fraser He was 32, now 53 years old as Richard O'Connell
John Hannah He was 39, now 59 years old as Jonathan Carnahan
Shaun Parkes He was 28, now 48 years old as Izzy Buttons
Bruce Byron He was 42, now 62 years old as Red
Aharon Ipalé He was 59, 74 years old when he died as Pharaoh Seti I
Thomas Fisher He was 388, 68 years old when he died as Spivey
Freddie Boath He was 9, now 30 years old as Alexander O'Connell
Joe Dixon He was 35, now 56 years old as Jacques
Donna Air She was 21, now 42 years old as Showgirl with Jonathan
Tom Fisher He was 33, now 54 years old as Spivey
Quill Roberts as Shafek
Trevor Lovell as Mountain of Flesh

The Mummy Returns Crew

Name Department
Neil Corbould as Special Effects Supervisor. He was 38 (now 59) years old Visual Effects
Allan Cameron as Production Design. He was 84 (94) years old when He died Art
James Jacks as Producer. He was 53 (66) years old when He died Production
Megan Moran as Associate Producer. Production
Giles Masters as Art Direction. Art
Tony Reading as Art Direction. He was 61 (now 82) years old Art
Philip Kohler as Production Manager. Production
Peter Young as Set Decoration. Art
Gary Tomkins as Assistant Art Director. Art
Jim Passon as Color Timer. Editing
Ray Bushey III as Editor. Editing
Tricia Cameron as Key Hair Stylist. Costume & Make-Up
Joanna Colbert as Casting. Production
Kate Dowd as Casting. Production
Leslie Shatz as Sound Designer. She was 51 (now 72) years old Sound
Jo Burn as Production Supervisor. Production
Mark McKenzie as Orchestrator. He was 44 (now 65) years old Sound
David Mackie as Camera Trainee. He was 165 (74) years old when He died Camera
Glen Ballard as Music Producer. He was 48 (now 68) years old Sound
Derek Thompson as Creature Design. He was 53 (now 73) years old Visual Effects
Dean Clegg as Storyboard Artist. Art
Kyle Cooper as Title Designer. He was 39 (now 60) years old Art
The Mummy Returns poster
The Mummy Returns (20 years)

The most powerful force on earth is about to be unleashed by the two people who should know better.

  • Release day: Friday, May 04, 2001
  • Runtime: 130 minutes
  • Budget: 98000000.00
  • Revenue: 443280904.00