The Martialmates (흑룡강) 45 years old

Keo-Am wants to learn martial arts from Park Sang-bong but doesn't get the permission as he is a lover of Park's daughter but is ousted from there. He learns martial arts from Japanese and helps Japan to invade Korea. Sang-Bong suffers from this news. Keo-Am is a son of Park's friend and Park wants him to be a farmer and that's why Park didn't teach the martial arts to him. Park's daughter, Ok-Nyeo and Il-Jae, Park's disciple, tell the truth to Keo-Am, who accepts the fact that he is Korean. Keo-Am lures and kills Japanese, but is wounded in his hands. After all, on the way to return, Keo-Am dies due to accidental fights.


The Martialmates Cast

Name Character
Hwang Jang-Lee He was 31, now 76 years old
Lee Ki-young He was 12, now 58 years old
Chiu Chun
Casanova Wong He was 31, now 76 years old

The Martialmates Crew

Name Department
The Martialmates poster
The Martialmates (45 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, July 17, 1976
  • Runtime: 85 minutes