The Magnificent Tati 13 years old

The Magnificent Tati

This documentary traces Jacques Tati's rise from the Parisian Music-Hall stage to his Oscar winning films of the 1950s, the documentary then explains how Tati bet all he had on his fourth film 'PlayTime' and how this mammoth film ended prematurely the career of a genius while also giving the world one of the most beautiful films ever made.


The Magnificent Tati Cast

Name Character
Jacques Tati He was 101, 75 years old when he died as (himself - footage)
Mike Mills He was 50, now 63 years old
Frank Black He was 44, now 57 years old
Macha Makeïeff She was 56, now 69 years old
Sylvain Chomet He was 45, now 58 years old
Ron Mael He was 63, now 77 years old

The Magnificent Tati Crew

Name Department
Michael House as Director. Directing
The Magnificent Tati poster
The Magnificent Tati (13 years)

  • Release day: Friday, July 17, 2009
  • Runtime: 60 minutes