The Lollipop Cover 55 years old

After learning of his sister's suicide, Nick, a small-time boxer, decides to pay a visit to his sister's junkie lover in Los Angeles, collect some money and pursue an early retirement in Mexico. Along the way, he meets a 9-year-old girl who's been abandoned by her father and together they hitchhike south.


Lee Philips
Lee Philips


Bert Remsen
Bert Remsen


Don Gordon
Don Gordon

Nick Bartaloni

John Marley
John Marley


Bek Nelson
Bek Nelson


All Cast

Name Character
John Marley He was 58, 76 years old when he died as George
Sally Kellerman She was 28, now 84 years old as Singer
Don Gordon He was 38, 90 years old when he died as Nick Bartaloni
Bert Remsen He was 40, 74 years old when he died as Salesman
Lee Philips He was 38, 72 years old when he died as Nestor
George Sawaya He was 42, 80 years old when he died as The Fighter
Carolyn Hughes as Rosie
Midge Ware as Nancy
David White He was 49, 74 years old when he died as Richard
Bek Nelson She was 38, 87 years old when she died as Waitress


Name Department
Ruby Raksin as Original Music Composer. She was 48 (61) years old when She died Sound
Don Gordon as Screenplay. He was 38 (90) years old when He died Writing
Everett Chambers as Director. He was 39 (now 94) years old Directing
Everett Chambers as Screenplay. He was 39 (now 94) years old Writing
Robert Brandt as Executive Producer. He was 16 (now 38) years old Production
The Lollipop Cover (55 years)

  • Release day: Monday, November 01, 1965
  • Runtime: 82 minutes