The Hedgehog (Le hérisson) 13 years old

Let Life In.

The Hedgehog

Paloma is a serious and highly articulate but deeply bored 11-year-old who has decided to kill herself on her 12th birthday. Fascinated by art and philosophy, she questions and documents her life and immediate circle, drawing trenchant and often hilarious observations on the world around her. But as her appointment with death approaches, Paloma finally meets some kindred spirits in her building's grumpy janitor and an enigmatic, elegant neighbor, both of whom inspire Paloma to question her rather pessimistic outlook on life.


The Hedgehog Cast

Name Character
Gisèle Casadesus She was 97, 103 years old when she died as Madame de Broglie
Ariane Ascaride She was 56, now 68 years old as Manuela Lopez
Josiane Balasko She was 61, now 73 years old as Renée Michel
Togo Igawa He was 64, now 76 years old as Kakuro Ozu
Wladimir Yordanoff He was 57, now 69 years old as Paul Josse
Anne Brochet She was 44, now 56 years old as Solange Josse
Garance Le Guillermic She was 13, now 25 years old as Paloma Josse
Sarah Le Picard as Colombe Josse
Chantal Banlier She was 66, now 77 years old as Maria Malavoin
Valérie Karsenti She was 42, now 54 years old as La mère de Tibère
Stéphan Wojtowicz He was 48, now 60 years old as Le père de Tibère
Jean-Luc Porraz He was 58, now 70 years old as Jean-Pierre, le clochard

The Hedgehog Crew

Name Department
Patrick Blossier as Director of Photography. He was 61 (now 73) years old Camera
Anne-Dominique Toussaint as Producer. She was 52 (now 64) years old Production
Mark Lombardo as Producer. Production
Muriel Barbery as Novel. She was 42 (now 54) years old Writing
Gabriel Yared as Original Music Composer. He was 61 (now 73) years old Sound
Michael Laguens as Casting. Production
Mona Achache as Director. She was 30 (now 42) years old Directing
Mona Achache as Screenplay. She was 30 (now 42) years old Writing
Patrick Schmitt as Art Direction. Art
Julia Grégory as Editor. Editing
The Hedgehog poster
The Hedgehog (13 years)

Let Life In.

  • Release day: Wednesday, July 01, 2009
  • Runtime: 100 minutes