The Grudge 3 years old

The Grudge

After a young mother murders her family in her own house, a detective attempts to investigate the mysterious case, only to discover that the house is cursed by a vengeful ghost. Now targeted by the demonic spirits, the detective must do anything to protect herself and her family from harm.


The Grudge Cast

Name Character
Betty Gilpin She was 33, now 37 years old as Nina Spencer
Andrea Riseborough She was 38, now 42 years old
Demián Bichir He was 56, now 60 years old
William Sadler He was 69, now 73 years old
John Cho He was 47, now 51 years old
Jacki Weaver She was 72, now 76 years old
Lin Shaye She was 76, now 80 years old
Joel Garland He was 44, now 48 years old as Detective Greco
Frankie Faison He was 70, now 74 years old
Tara Westwood as Fiona
Nancy Sorel She was 55, now 59 years old as Agent Cole
Ernesto Griffith as Orderly
Bradley Sawatzky as Officer Michaels

The Grudge Crew

Name Department
Eve Stewart as Production Manager. She was 59 (now 62) years old Production
Takashige Ichise as Producer. He was 58 (now 62) years old Production
Doug Davison as Executive Producer. He was 67 (now 70) years old Production
Roy Lee as Producer. He was 50 (now 54) years old Production
Joseph Drake as Executive Producer. He was 119 (now 122) years old Production
Nathan Kahane as Executive Producer. Production
Andrew Pfeffer as Executive Producer. Production
Rhonda Baker as Co-Producer. She was 51 (now 55) years old Production
Jeff Buhler as Screenplay. Writing
John Portnoy as Post Production Supervisor. Crew
Robert Tapert as Producer. He was 64 (now 68) years old Production
Takashi Shimizu as Original Story. He was 47 (now 51) years old Writing
Ken Blackwell as Editor. He was 71 (now 75) years old Editing
Stephanie Holbrook as Casting. Production
Carmen Kotyk as Casting. Production
The Grudge poster
The Grudge (3 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, January 01, 2020
  • Runtime: 93 minutes
  • Budget: 10000000.00
  • Revenue: 42800000.00