The Dragon Gate 29 years old

In the shadows of the soul, shine the light of the warrior!

Enter The Dragon Gate and prepare for a pulse pounding journey into the nether regions of the mind and soul. When his girlfriend is kidnapped, a sword wielding warrior, Ken, willingly thrusts himself into an alternate dimension to rescue her. The action is fast and furious as our hero battles legions of blood-thirsty assassins. Seduced by an evil temptress, redeemed by the Sword Goddess of the lake. Ken can escape only if he can answer the riddle of 23 questions!


The Dragon Gate Cast

Name Character
Courtney Taylor She was 7, now 36 years old as Helen
Geoffrey Lewis He was 59, 79 years old when he died as Shin'ichi
Haing S. Ngor He was 54, 55 years old when he died as Sensei
Delia Sheppard She was 33, now 63 years old as The Cloistered Woman
Jill Tompkins as Cocktail Waitress
Robert F. Lyons He was 55, now 84 years old as Jack the Drunk
Gretchen Stockdale as The Archer
James Hunter as Shadow Warrior

The Dragon Gate Crew

Name Department
Kathy A. Smith as Casting. Production
Howard Wexler as Director of Photography. He was 45 (now 74) years old Camera
John Orland as Editor. Editing
The Dragon Gate (29 years)

In the shadows of the soul, shine the light of the warrior!

  • Release day: Wednesday, December 14, 1994
  • Runtime: 90 minutes