The Diamond Fleece 31 years old

Jeweller Phillippe Golden purchases one of the largest diamonds ever from an auction. Diamond thief Rick Dunne is released from prison to consult in constructing safety precautions. However, Inspector Outlaw suspects that Rick may be up to his old wiles.


The Diamond Fleece Cast

Name Character
Brian Dennehy He was 54, now 86 years old
Ben Cross He was 44, now 76 years old
Kate Nelligan She was 42, now 74 years old
Janet-Laine Green She was 40, now 72 years old
David Huband He was 35, now 66 years old
Tony Rosato He was 37, 62 years old when he died
Jonathan Welsh He was 45, 57 years old when he died
Ron Lea He was 91, now 123 years old

The Diamond Fleece Crew

Name Department
Al Waxman as Director. He was 57 (65) years old when He died Directing
The Diamond Fleece poster
The Diamond Fleece (31 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, September 17, 1992