The Clearing 30 years old

In this short film written and directed by Alexis Bisticas, the audience sees through the eyes of a man in the woods, following the distant sound of a saxophone. In a single take, the fluid steadicam shot takes the viewer on a surreal and poetic journey, as the walker comes across everything from family picnics to men in bondage suits.


The Clearing Cast

Name Character
Derek Jarman He was 50, 52 years old when he died
Keith Collins He was 16, now 46 years old

The Clearing Crew

Name Department
Peter Robertson as Camera Operator. He was 16 (now 46) years old Camera
Dominik Scherrer as Music. He was 26 (now 56) years old Sound
John Paul Kelly as Production Design. He was 5 (now 35) years old Art
Tim Perell as Producer. Production
Anna Negri as Assistant Director. She was 28 (now 58) years old Directing
The Clearing poster
The Clearing (30 years)

  • Release day: Friday, January 01, 1993
  • Runtime: 7 minutes