The Butcher 12 years old

Never gamble when you are desperate...

A mob enforcer is set up to take the fall for a multi-million dollar heist involving a rival gang boss. Merle (Eric Roberts) is a gambler stuck on a twenty-year losing streak, but his luck is about to change. Surviving a trap that was intended to kill him, Merle makes away with a beautiful woman and a piece of the take. Most men in that position would have been content to simply walk away with their lives, but Merle has been loyal for twenty years. Realizing he's been betrayed, something inside snaps. They used to call him "The Butcher" as a joke, but the laughter turns to screams when Merle returns to deliver the ultimate punchline.


Keith David
Keith David

Larry Cobb

Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts

Merle Hench

Bokeem Woodbine
Bokeem Woodbine

Chinatown Pete

Michael Ironside
Michael Ironside

Teddy Carmichael

Guillermo Díaz
Guillermo Díaz

Owen Geiger

All Cast

Name Character
Robert Davi He was 56, now 68 years old as Murdoch
Guillermo Díaz He was 34, now 46 years old as Owen Geiger
Michael Ironside He was 59, now 71 years old as Teddy Carmichael
Geoffrey Lewis He was 73, 79 years old when he died as Naylor
Eric Roberts He was 53, now 65 years old as Merle Hench
Vernon Wells (actor) He was 63, now 75 years old as 1970's IRA Commander
Julie Carmen She was 55, now 67 years old as Rose
Keith David He was 53, now 65 years old as Larry Cobb
Bokeem Woodbine He was 36, now 48 years old as Chinatown Pete
Irina Björklund She was 36, now 48 years old as Jackie
Jerry Trimble He was 48, now 60 years old as Eddie Hellstrom


Name Department
Jesse V. Johnson as Director. He was 37 (now 49) years old Directing
Jesse V. Johnson as Writer. He was 37 (now 49) years old Writing
Charles Arthur Berg as Producer. He was 38 (now 50) years old Production
The Butcher poster
The Butcher (12 years)

Never gamble when you are desperate...

  • Release day: Friday, July 10, 2009
  • Runtime: 95 minutes