The Black Pimpernel 15 years old

One man made a difference

The story about Swedish ambassador in Chile - Harald Edelstam - and his heroic actions to protect the innocent people from the execution during and after the military coup on September 11th 1973.


The Black Pimpernel Cast

Name Character
Michael Nyqvist He was 46, 56 years old when he died as Harald Edelstam
Lumi Cavazos She was 38, now 54 years old as Ana Dominguez
Patrick Bergin He was 56, now 72 years old as US Ambassador
Kate del Castillo She was 34, now 50 years old as Consuelo Fuentes
Daniel Giménez Cacho He was 46, now 62 years old as Ricardo Fuentes
Luis Gnecco He was 44, now 60 years old as Oliva - Chief of Protocoll
Cristián Campos He was 51, now 66 years old as Coronel Maldonado
Jaime McManus as Minister 2
Ramón Núñez He was 21, now 37 years old as Cuban Ambassador
Lisa Werlinder She was 35, now 51 years old as Susanne Martens
Carsten Norgaard He was 44, now 60 years old as Winther

The Black Pimpernel Crew

Name Department
Jacob Groth as Original Music Composer. He was 56 (now 72) years old Sound
Eduardo Castro as Production Manager. He was 53 (now 69) years old Production
Ulf Hultberg as Director. He was 62 (now 78) years old Directing
Bob Foss as Writer. Writing
Michael Lunderskov as Producer. Production
Dirk Brüel as Director of Photography. He was 64 (now 80) years old Camera
Raquel Guajardo as Executive Producer. Production
Peter Hartwig as Visual Effects Supervisor. He was 43 (now 59) years old Visual Effects
Åsa Faringer as Director. She was 44 (now 60) years old Directing
Leif Axel Kjeldsen as Editor. He was 53 (now 68) years old Editing
The Black Pimpernel poster
The Black Pimpernel (15 years)

One man made a difference

  • Release day: Friday, September 14, 2007
  • Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Budget: 5000000.00