The Angel Makers new born

During World War I, a group of women who are left behind in an English farming community become romantically involved with several German prisoners of war.


The Angel Makers Cast

Name Character
Emily Watson She was 55, now 55 years old
Max Riemelt He was 38, now 38 years old
Abbie Cornish She was 39, now 39 years old
David Kross He was 31, now 31 years old
Christina Hendricks She was 47, now 47 years old
Alexander Scheer He was 45, now 45 years old
Hanno Koffler He was 42, now 42 years old

The Angel Makers Crew

Name Department
Jon Amiel as Director. He was 74 (now 74) years old Directing
Michael Mendelsohn as Executive Producer. Production
Jim Steele as Executive Producer. He was 72 (now 72) years old Production
David Rogers as Executive Producer. He was 121 (now 121) years old Production
Marc Schötteldreier as Casting. Production
Paul Billing as Screenplay. Writing
The Angel Makers (0 years)

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