The Angel Factory 105 years old

In the slums of New York, David Darrow runs a settlement house called "The Angel Factory" in which he tries to help those oppressed by tenement life. In the course of his work, Darrow meets Florence, an innocent young girl of the slums, and is attracted to her sweetness. Betty, Darrow's snobbish fiancée, becomes jealous and invites Florence to a reception, hoping to embarrass the girl. Florence comports herself admirably, however, and wins the respect of all present. The next day, on his way to the settlement house, Darrow is followed by gangster Tony Podessa, a jealous man from Florence's past. As Florence watches the two men confront each other, Tony is killed by a mysterious shot. The police arrive and arrest Darrow for the murder.


The Angel Factory Cast

Name Character
Frank Conlan as Sailor Bill
Antonio Moreno He was 29, 79 years old when he died as David Darrow
Helene Chadwick She was 19, 42 years old when she died as Florence Lamont
Armand Cortes He was 37, 68 years old when he died as Tony Podessa

The Angel Factory Crew

Name Department
Lucien Hubbard as Story. He was 28 (83) years old when He died Writing
Will M. Ritchey as Writer. He was 37 (57) years old when He died Writing
The Angel Factory poster
The Angel Factory (105 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, September 15, 1917
  • Runtime: 50 minutes