The American Way 60 years old

The American Way

A comedy short which pokes merry anarchistic fun at such quintessential American institutions as mom, baseball, and apple pie. It features an early appearance from actor John Cazale.


The American Way Cast

Name Character
John Cazale He was 26, 42 years old when he died as Beatnik
Bill Graham He was 31, 60 years old when he died as Man
John Heffernan He was 19, now 41 years old as Man in the Park

The American Way Crew

Name Department
John Cazale as Editor. He was 26 (42) years old when He died Editing
Ed Emshwiller as Camera Operator. He was 37 (65) years old when He died Camera
The American Way poster
The American Way (60 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, April 12, 1962
  • Runtime: 10 minutes