The 33 7 years old

Hope Runs Deep

The 33

Based on the true story of the collapse of a mine in San Jose, Chile—that left 33 miners isolated underground for 69 days.


The 33 Cast

Name Character
Jacob Vargas He was 44, now 51 years old as Edison 'Elvis' Peña
Naomi Scott She was 22, now 29 years old as Escarlette Sepúlveda
Gabriel Byrne He was 65, now 72 years old as Andre Sougarret
Mario Casas He was 29, now 36 years old as Álex Vega
Antonio Banderas He was 55, now 62 years old as Mario Sepúlveda
Bob Gunton He was 69, now 77 years old as President Sebastián Piñera
James Brolin He was 75, now 82 years old as Jeff Hart
Lou Diamond Phillips He was 53, now 60 years old as Luis Urzua 'Don Lucho'
Rodrigo Santoro He was 40, now 47 years old as Laurence Golborne
Juliette Binoche She was 51, now 58 years old as María Segovia
Tenoch Huerta He was 34, now 41 years old as Carlos Mamani
Marco Antonio Treviño He was 54, now 62 years old as José Henriquez
Cote de Pablo She was 35, now 43 years old as Jessica Salgado
Oscar Núñez He was 86, 83 years old when he died as Yonni Barrios
Kate del Castillo She was 43, now 50 years old as Katty Valdivia
Federico Luppi He was 81, 83 years old when he died
Adriana Barraza She was 59, now 66 years old as Marta
Jorge Diaz He was 41, now 49 years old as Igor Proestakis
Cristián Campos He was 58, now 66 years old as Hurtado
Juan Pablo Raba He was 38, now 46 years old as Darío Segovia

The 33 Crew

Name Department
Paco Delgado as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Marco Niro as Production Design. Art
Carla Hool as Casting. Production
Edward McGurn as Producer. Production
Robert Katz as Producer. He was 82 (77) years old when He died Production
Checco Varese as Director of Photography. Camera
Michael Tronick as Editor. He was 66 (now 73) years old Editing
James Horner as Original Music Composer. He was 62 (61) years old when He died Sound
José Rivera as Screenstory. He was 60 (now 67) years old Writing
Eduardo Castro as Supervising Producer. He was 61 (now 68) years old Production
Patricia Riggen as Director. She was 45 (now 52) years old Directing
Mikko Alanne as Screenplay. He was 43 (now 51) years old Writing
José Luis Escolar as Executive Producer. He was 55 (now 62) years old Production
Andrés Calderón as Executive Producer. Production
Craig Borten as Screenplay. He was 49 (now 57) years old Writing
The 33 poster
The 33 (7 years)

Hope Runs Deep

  • Release day: Thursday, August 06, 2015
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Budget: 25000000.00
  • Revenue: 24902723.00