Tekuani, the Guardian (El reino del guardián) 7 years old

How much is your soul worth?

Four close friends descend into the depths of a cave, looking for a lost treasure, ignoring that this will wake the fury of the Guardian the devourer, who will eat their souls until they destroy each other.


Tekuani, the Guardian Cast

Name Character
Iazua Larios She was 30, now 37 years old
Philip Willingham He was 39, 38 years old when he died
Iván Arana He was 28, now 35 years old

Tekuani, the Guardian Crew

Name Department
Andronico Gonzalez as Screenplay. Writing
Tekuani, the Guardian poster
Tekuani, the Guardian (7 years)

How much is your soul worth?

  • Release day: Friday, April 17, 2015
  • Runtime: 110 minutes