Tangled: Before Ever After 5 years old

Tangled: Before Ever After

Rapunzel grapples with the responsibilities of being a princess and the overprotective ways of her father. While she wholeheartedly loves Eugene, Rapunzel does not share his immediate desire to get married and settle down within the castle walls. Determined to live life on her own terms, she and her tough-as-nails Lady-in-Waiting Cassandra embark on a secret adventure where they encounter mystical rocks that magically cause Rapunzel's long blonde hair to grow back. Impossible to break and difficult to hide, Rapunzel must learn to embrace her hair and all that it represents.


Tangled: Before Ever After Cast

Name Character
Clancy Brown He was 58, now 64 years old as King Frederic (voice)
Zachary Levi He was 36, now 42 years old as Eugene Fitzherbert (voice)
Diedrich Bader He was 50, now 56 years old as Stan the Guard (voice)
M.C. Gainey He was 69, now 75 years old as Captain of the Guard (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker He was 54, now 60 years old as Pascal / Maximus / Additional Voices (voice)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn She was 50, now 56 years old as Additional Voices (voice)
Jeffrey Tambor He was 72, now 78 years old as Big Nose (voice)
Sean Hayes He was 46, now 52 years old as Pete the Guard (voice)
Jess Harnell He was 53, now 59 years old as Pocket (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson He was 52, now 58 years old as Otter (voice)
Kari Wahlgren She was 39, now 45 years old as Additional Voices (voice)
Julie Bowen She was 47, now 52 years old as Queen Arianna (voice)
Laura Benanti She was 37, now 43 years old as Lady Caine (voice)
Alan Dale He was 69, 54 years old when he died as The Vicar (voice)
Gideon Emery He was 44, now 50 years old as Additional Voices (voice)
Steve Blum He was 56, now 62 years old as Attila Buckethead (voice)
Amanda Moore She was 32, now 38 years old as Rapunzel (voice)

Tangled: Before Ever After Crew

Name Department
Kevin Kliesch as Original Music Composer. He was 46 (now 52) years old Sound
Alan Menken as Songs. He was 67 (now 73) years old Sound
Glenn Slater as Songs. He was 49 (now 55) years old Sound
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Tangled: Before Ever After (5 years)

  • Release day: Friday, March 10, 2017
  • Runtime: 55 minutes