Syriana 17 years old

Everything is connected.


The Middle Eastern oil industry is the backdrop of this tense drama, which weaves together numerous story lines. Bennett Holiday is an American lawyer in charge of facilitating a dubious merger of oil companies, while Bryan Woodman, a Switzerland-based energy analyst, experiences both personal tragedy and opportunity during a visit with Arabian royalty. Meanwhile, veteran CIA agent Bob Barnes uncovers an assassination plot with unsettling origins.


Syriana Cast

Name Character
Matt Damon He was 35, now 52 years old as Bryan Woodman
Amanda Peet She was 33, now 51 years old as Julie Woodman
Chris Cooper He was 54, now 71 years old as Jimmy Pope
Mark Strong He was 42, now 59 years old as Mussawi
William Hurt He was 55, now 73 years old as Stan
Viola Davis She was 40, now 57 years old as CIA Chairwoman
George Clooney He was 44, now 62 years old as Bob Barnes
Tim Blake Nelson He was 41, now 59 years old as Danny Dalton
Peter Gerety He was 65, now 83 years old as Leland "Lee" Janus
Max Minghella He was 20, now 37 years old as Robby Barnes
Jeffrey Wright He was 39, now 57 years old as Bennett Holiday
Alexander Siddig He was 40, now 57 years old as Prince Nasir Al-Subaai
Christopher Plummer He was 75, now 93 years old as Dean Whiting
Shahid Ahmed He was 17, now 34 years old as Saleem Ahmed Khan
Nicholas Art He was 6, now 24 years old as Riley Woodman
Kayvan Novak He was 28, now 45 years old as Arash
Jocelyn Quivrin He was 26, 30 years old when he died as Vincent
Robert Foxworth He was 64, now 81 years old as Tommy Barton
Bikram Singh Bhamra as Pakistani Translator
Jamey Sheridan He was 54, now 71 years old as Division Chief
Roger Yuan He was 44, now 62 years old as Chinese Engineer
Steven Hinkle as Max Woodman
Richard Lintern He was 43, now 60 years old as Bryan's Boss
Badria Timimi as Nasir's Wife
Amr Waked He was 32, now 50 years old as Mohammed Sheik Agiza
Akbar Kurtha as Prince Meshal Al-Subaai
Daisy Tormé as Rebecca
Nicky Henson He was 60, 74 years old when he died as Sydney Hewitt
Nadim Sawalha He was 70, now 87 years old as Emir Hamed Al-Subaai
Sonnell Dadral as Farooq
Mazhar Munir as Wasim Khan

Syriana Crew

Name Department
Dan Weil as Production Design. He was 5 (now 23) years old Art
Lucinda Syson as Casting. Production
Tim Squyres as Editor. He was 46 (now 64) years old Editing
Jennifer Fox as Producer. She was 46 (now 64) years old Production
Georgia Kacandes as Producer. Production
Michael Nozik as Producer. He was 51 (now 69) years old Production
Estelle Crottaz as Casting. Production
Avy Kaufman as Casting. She was 1985 (now 2003) years old Production
Louise Frogley as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Christine Beveridge as Makeup Department Head. Costume & Make-Up
Sarah Bradshaw as Associate Producer. Production
Jan Pascale as Set Decoration. She was 5 (now 23) years old Art
Olivia Bloch-Lainé as Set Decoration. Art
Ben Cosgrove as Executive Producer. He was 17 (now 35) years old Production
Jeff Skoll as Executive Producer. He was 40 (now 58) years old Production
Waldo Sanchez as Hairstylist. Costume & Make-Up
Steven Soderbergh as Executive Producer. He was 42 (now 60) years old Production
Robert Baer as Book. He was 53 (now 70) years old Writing
Kay Georgiou as Hairstylist. Costume & Make-Up
Mary Cybulski as Script Supervisor. She was 104 (now 122) years old Directing
Alexandre Desplat as Original Music Composer. He was 44 (now 61) years old Sound
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Syriana (17 years)

Everything is connected.

  • Release day: Wednesday, November 23, 2005
  • Runtime: 128 minutes
  • Budget: 50000000.00
  • Revenue: 93974620.00