Swingers Massacre 48 years old

Beware of those who'll love you to death!

This thriller/drama follows a a suburban lawyer, down a ruinous, blood-covered road. The trouble begins when he tires of life in the slow lane and suggests that he and his wife should join a swinging couple's club and do a little spouse swapping. But then he begins suspecting that the wife is having too much fun with the other swingers


Swingers Massacre Cast

Name Character
Rene Bond She was 23, 45 years old when she died as Diane Stacy
Uschi Digard She was 26, now 74 years old as Lois
Russ Marin He was 40, 70 years old when he died as Sgt. Harry Morris
Marsha Jordan She was 25, now 22 years old as Irene Simon
Gary Kent He was 41, now 89 years old as Jim Simon
Ron Darby as Bill Stacey

Swingers Massacre Crew

Name Department
Ronald Víctor García as Director. He was 25 (now 22) years old Directing
Swingers Massacre poster
Swingers Massacre (48 years)

Beware of those who'll love you to death!

  • Release day: Friday, September 20, 1974
  • Runtime: 105 minutes