Subliminal Seduction 28 years old

Subliminal Seduction

Darrin Danver is married to Deb. He is a videogames programmer and works for Z-Games when he receives an offer for a job from CTC. He accepts the offer and moves with his wife Deb near Las Vegas. There he discovers that he is paid a lot only to develop the videogame Radical Rat Trap, which is to follow Amazing Mouse Maze. But the great family of CTC uses Videogames Cd-Rom and subliminal messages to try to control minds, his and his wife's.


Subliminal Seduction Cast

Name Character
Dee Wallace She was 47, now 75 years old as Sissy Bonner
Ian Ziering He was 31, now 60 years old as Darrin Danver
Stella Stevens She was 57, now 85 years old as Mrs. Beecham
Kin Shriner He was 42, now 70 years old as Jimmy
Griffin Drew She was 27, now 55 years old as Kim
Andrew Stevens He was 40, now 69 years old as Tom Moore
Kim Morgan Greene She was 36, now 64 years old as Meg
Larry Manetti He was 48, now 76 years old as Larry Bonner
Jillian Kesner She was 46, 58 years old when she died as Cherl
Katherine Kelly Lang She was 34, now 62 years old as Deb Danver
Hoke Howell He was 66, 67 years old when he died as Desk Clerk

Subliminal Seduction Crew

Name Department
Gary Graver as Cinematography. He was 57 (68) years old when He died Crew
Roger Corman as Executive Producer. He was 69 (now 98) years old Production
Karen Kelly as Writer. She was 13 (now 41) years old Writing
Terry Plumeri as Music. He was 50 (now 78) years old Sound
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Subliminal Seduction (28 years)

  • Release day: Monday, January 01, 1996
  • Runtime: 81 minutes