Storm 12 years old

Hannah Maynard, a prosecutor of Hague's Tribunal for war crimes in former Yugoslavia, charges a Serbian commander for killing Bosniaks. However, her main witness might be lying, so the court sends a team to Bosnia to investigate.


Storm Cast

Name Character
Stephen Dillane He was 52, now 65 years old as Keith Haywood
Rolf Lassgård He was 54, now 67 years old as Jonas Dahlberg
Kerry Fox She was 43, now 55 years old as Hannah Maynard
Anamaria Marinca She was 31, now 44 years old as Mira Arendt
Tarik Filipović He was 37, now 50 years old as Mladen Banovic
Krešimir Mikić He was 35, now 48 years old as Alen Hajdarević
Alexander Fehling He was 28, now 41 years old as Patrick Färber

Storm Crew

Name Department
Storm poster
Storm (12 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, September 10, 2009
  • Runtime: 103 minutes