Steel and Lace 32 years old

She's tough. She's tender. She's all woman. And all machine.

Steel and Lace

Daniel Emerson is acquited of the rape of classical pianist Gaily Morton, and part of the blame for the acquittal lies with the testimony of Daniel's friends Norman, Oscar, Toby, and Craig, who all helped Daniel rape Gaily. Still devastated by the rape and unable to deal with the acquittal, Gaily commits suicide by jumping off of the top of the court building as soon as the trial ends, much to the horror of her brother Albert, who is a scientist. Five years later, Daniel has made Norman, Oscar, Toby, and Craig partners in his business, which forces homeowners and their homes out of the way to make way for bigger developments. By this time, after five years of working with Gaily's body, Albert has turned Gaily into a cyborg that is programmed to get bloody revenge on Daniel, Norman, Oscar, Toby, and Craig.


Steel and Lace Cast

Name Character
Bruce Davison He was 44, now 76 years old as Albert Morton
Scott Burkholder as Tobby
Hank Garrett He was 59, now 91 years old as Capt. Grover
William Prince He was 78, 83 years old when he died as Old Man
Michael Cerveris He was 30, now 62 years old as Daniel Emerson
Nick Tate He was 48, now 80 years old as Duncan
David Naughton He was 39, now 71 years old as Dunn
John DeMita He was 32, now 64 years old as Agent Spoon
Stacy Haiduk She was 22, now 54 years old as Alison
Frank Pesce as Patroni
Paul Lieber as Oscar
David L. Lander He was 43, now 75 years old as Schumann
Brian Backer He was 34, now 66 years old as Norman
John J. York He was 32, now 64 years old as Craig
J. Cynthia Brooks She was 39, now 71 years old as Girl in T-Bird
Brenda Swanson as Miss Fairweather
Clare Wren She was 28, now 60 years old as Gaily Morton

Steel and Lace Crew

Name Department
Joseph Dougherty as Associate Producer. Production
Joseph Dougherty as Writer. Writing
Charles W. Fries as Executive Producer. He was 62 (now 94) years old Production
David DeCoteau as Producer. He was 29 (now 61) years old Production
Ernest D. Farino as Director. Directing
Dave Edison as Writer. Writing
John Schouweiler as Producer. Production
Steel and Lace poster
Steel and Lace (32 years)

She's tough. She's tender. She's all woman. And all machine.

  • Release day: Wednesday, January 30, 1991
  • Runtime: 90 minutes