Spreading Darkness 3 years old

Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. Pink Socks.

Stu Undercoffler (Eric Roberts) is a corrupt CEO whose drive for power has led him to make some highly unethical choices. Once Stu's self-serving decisions have begun to spread darkness through the world, there's no stopping it. After losing his wife, Stu begins to have a crisis of conscience but starts to believe he is being stalked and has been hallucinating. Is he losing his mind or have his former victims come back to wreck havoc on him?


Louis Mandylor
Louis Mandylor

Byron Fresnel

Musetta Vander
Musetta Vander

Harriet Skelp

Irene Bedard
Irene Bedard

Marci Gippolin

Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts

Stu Undercoffler

Dominique Swain
Dominique Swain

Fiona Funari

Elissa Dowling
Elissa Dowling

Misty Kroeben

Spreading Darkness Cast

Name Character
Musetta Vander She was 54, now 58 years old as Harriet Skelp
James Duval He was 45, now 49 years old as Mark Minscourri
Robert Davi He was 64, now 68 years old as Garvin McHulsey
Dominique Swain She was 37, now 41 years old as Fiona Funari
Eric Roberts He was 61, now 65 years old as Stu Undercoffler
John Savage He was 68, now 72 years old as Brett
Louis Mandylor He was 51, now 55 years old as Byron Fresnel
Andrew Lauer He was 52, now 56 years old as Antonio Jarson
Irene Bedard She was 50, now 54 years old as Marci Gippolin
Rena Riffel She was 48, now 52 years old as Danielle Menzie / Elle
Shayla Beesley She was 29, now 33 years old as Lita Minscourri
Elissa Dowling She was 67, now 71 years old as Misty Kroeben
Robert Donavan as Otto Jeter
Bonnie Aarons She was 38, now 42 years old as Gertrude
Rod McCary He was 76, now 80 years old as Mr. Tubal
Blanca Blanco She was 36, now 40 years old as Vera
Catherine Annette She was 67, now 71 years old as Pearl
Tara Cardinal He was 39, now 43 years old as Elle Undercoffler

Spreading Darkness Crew

Name Department
Aaron Pope as Producer. Production
Aaron Pope as Screenplay. Writing
Josh Eisenstadt as Director. Directing
Josh Eisenstadt as Screenplay. Writing
Esther Goodstein as Producer. Production
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Spreading Darkness (3 years)

Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. Pink Socks.

  • Release day: Tuesday, November 21, 2017
  • Runtime: 91 minutes