Special Bulletin 40 years old

Special Bulletin

A TV reporter and cameraman are taken hostage on a tugboat while covering a workers strike. The demands of the hostage-takers are to collect all the nuclear detonators in the Charleston, SC area so they may be detonated at sea. They threaten to detonate a nuclear device of their own of their demand isnt met.


Special Bulletin Cast

Name Character
Rosalind Cash She was 44, 56 years old when she died as Frieda Barton
Ed Flanders He was 48, 60 years old when he died as John Woodley
David Clennon He was 39, now 79 years old as Dr. Bruce Lyman
Roberta Maxwell She was 41, now 81 years old as Diane Silverman
David Rasche He was 38, now 78 years old as Dr. David McKeeson
Roxanne Hart She was 30, now 70 years old as Megan 'Meg' Barclay
Christopher Allport He was 35, 60 years old when he died as Steven Levitt
Ebbe Roe Smith He was 33, now 73 years old as Jim Seaver
Kathryn Walker She was 40, now 80 years old as Susan Myles
J. Wesley Huston as Bernard Frost
Frank Dent as Dr. Jason Halpern
Robert Kay He was 214, 65 years old when he died as George Takasima

Special Bulletin Crew

Name Department
Special Bulletin poster
Special Bulletin (40 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, March 20, 1983
  • Runtime: 103 minutes