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The Morgans, a loving and strong family of Black sharecroppers in Louisiana in 1933, face a serious family crisis when the husband and father, Nathan Lee Morgan, is convicted of a petty crime and sent to a prison camp. After some weeks or months, the wife and mother, Rebecca Morgan, sends the oldest son, who is about 11 years old, to visit his father at the camp. The trip becomes something of an odyssey for the boy. During the journey he stays a little while with a dedicated Black schoolteacher.


Sounder Cast

Name Character
Cicely Tyson She was 47, now 98 years old as Rebecca Morgan
Paul Winfield He was 33, 64 years old when he died as Nathan Lee Morgan
Kevin Hooks He was 14, now 65 years old as David Lee Morgan
James Best He was 46, 88 years old when he died as Sheriff Charlie Young
Sylvia Kuumba Williams She was 30, 59 years old when she died as Harriet
Janet MacLachlan She was 39, 77 years old when she died as Camille Johnson
Carmen Mathews She was 58, 81 years old when she died as Mrs. Rita Boatwright
Taj Mahal (musician) He was 30, now 81 years old as Ike

Sounder Crew

Name Department
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Sounder (51 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, September 24, 1972
  • Runtime: 105 minutes