Solo 14 years old

Michôd and Peedom's hour-long documentary recounts the tale of Andrew McAuley, an Australian adventurer who, in 2006, launched a quest to become the first person to paddle a kayak across the treacherous Tasman Sea, one of the loneliest and toughest stretches of water in the world.


Solo Cast

Name Character
Andrew McAuley He was 40, 39 years old when he died as Andrew McAuley

Solo Crew

Name Department
David Michôd as Director. He was 35 (now 49) years old Directing
David Michôd as Screenplay. He was 35 (now 49) years old Writing
Chris Thorburn as Screenplay. He was 24 (now 39) years old Writing
Chris Hilton as Producer. He was 40 (now 54) years old Production
Scott Gray as Editor. He was 29 (now 44) years old Editing
Jennifer Peedom as Director. Directing
Simon Higgins as Cinematography. He was 50 (now 64) years old Crew
Solo poster
Solo (14 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 01, 2008
  • Runtime: 55 minutes