Snowmageddon 9 years old


A seemingly-harmless snow globe unleashes a devastating winter storm on a peaceful mountainside community, prompting one family on a race to save their town from certain destruction. As night falls on Christmas Eve, the Miller family finds a gift-wrapped snow globe just outside their door. Inside is an exact replica of their town - right down to the smallest detail. But this isn't your typical holiday decoration, because every time it's shaken, a blank of snow a blizzard blasts through town. Later, when the buttons on the globe plunge the town into total chaos, the Miller's must find a way to stop the destruction once and for all.


Michael Hogan
Michael Hogan

Fred Baker

Laura Harris
Laura Harris

Beth Miller

Magda Apanowicz
Magda Apanowicz

Stephanie Miller

David Cubitt
David Cubitt

John Miller

Dylan Matzke
Dylan Matzke

Rudy Miller

Snowmageddon Cast

Name Character
Laura Harris She was 35, now 44 years old as Beth Miller
David Cubitt He was 46, now 56 years old as John Miller
Michael Hogan He was 62, now 72 years old as Fred Baker
Magda Apanowicz She was 26, now 35 years old as Stephanie Miller
Carolyn Adair as Nurse
Dylan Matzke He was 12, now 22 years old as Rudy Miller

Snowmageddon Crew

Name Department
Sheldon Wilson as Director. Directing
Rudy Thauberger as Writer. Writing
Snowmageddon poster
Snowmageddon (9 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, December 10, 2011
  • Runtime: 86 minutes