Snowball Express 50 years old

Snowball Express

When John Baxter inherits a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains, he quits his job in New York and moves the family west to run it. Only to find that the place is a wreck. But together they decide to try to fix it up and run it. But Martin Ridgeway, who wants the property, does everything he can to ensure it will fail.


Snowball Express Cast

Name Character
Harry Morgan He was 56, 96 years old when he died as Jesse McCord
Keenan Wynn He was 55, 70 years old when he died as Martin Ridgeway
Dean Jones He was 40, 84 years old when he died as Johnny Baxter
Dick Van Patten He was 43, 86 years old when he died as Mr. Carruthers
George Lindsey He was 43, 83 years old when he died as Double L. Dingman
David White He was 55, 74 years old when he died as Mr. Fowler
Kathleen Cody She was 17, now 67 years old as Chris Baxter
Michael McGreevey He was 23, now 74 years old as Wally Perkins
Johnny Whitaker He was 12, now 62 years old as Richard Baxter
Nancy Olson She was 43, now 93 years old as Sue Baxter

Snowball Express Crew

Name Department
Norman Tokar as Director. He was 52 (59) years old when He died Directing
Don Tait as Writer. Writing
Jim Parker as Screenplay. He was 38 (now 88) years old Writing
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Snowball Express (50 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, January 01, 1972
  • Runtime: 93 minutes