Shattered! 16 years old

FIVE MEN - FIVE SHATTERED LIVES: JIMMY struggles with his girlfriend, Dina, when she runs away, half naked, in the middle of night, accusing him of molesting her. DENNIS, desperate and unhappy in his marriage, has an ill-timed affair with his daughter's 17 year old babysitter. JORDAN splits from his partner, Steve, only to discover he may not be the biological father of their daughter. HARRY, angered over his estranged relationship with his father and his ex-wife, loses it and abuses his girlfriend sadistically. BEN, after losing custody of his son because he viciously attacked his ex-wife's boyfriend in front of him, takes the law into his own hands and kidnaps his son. All five stories intersect as each man tries to salvage what is left of his life.


Shattered! Cast

Name Character
Zen Gesner He was 37, now 54 years old as Carter
Jsu Garcia He was 44, now 60 years old as Jimmy
Janina Gavankar She was 27, now 43 years old as Maria
Keesha Sharp She was 34, now 51 years old as Angela
Challen Cates She was 38, now 54 years old as Dr. Dittman
Carolyn Hennesy She was 45, now 62 years old as Adrienne
Lynsey Bartilson She was 24, now 41 years old as Grace
Richard Keith He was 25, now 41 years old as Young Dennis
Allyce Beasley She was 53, now 70 years old as Peg
Kiki Haynes She was 31, now 47 years old as Bartender
Susan Santiago as Consuela Seldes
Jill Bennett She was 76, 58 years old when she died as Mallory

Shattered! Crew

Name Department
Kim Williams as Casting. She was 33 (now 49) years old Production
Arnold Margolin as Writer. He was 130 (78) years old when He died Writing
Charles Bernstein as Music. He was 64 (now 81) years old Sound
Joseph Rassulo as Director. Directing
Joseph Rassulo as Writer. Writing
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Shattered! (16 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 01, 2008