Shadow Dancer 26 years old

There's some very dirty dancing going on

An unhinged woman is dangerously jealous of her ex-boyfriend's new lover. Meanwhile, a female stripper does her thing at a bachelor party while a male stripper entertains ladies at a bridal shower. Not to be confused with the OTHER "erotic" film of the same name from the 90s, which was released two years after this.


Kim Dawson
Kim Dawson


Alisa Christensen
Alisa Christensen

Bridal Shower Guest

Michelle Trongone
Michelle Trongone

Bachelorette #1

Shadow Dancer Cast

Name Character
Kim Dawson She was 31, now 57 years old as Christy
April Breneman as Yvonne
Alisa Christensen She was 28, now 55 years old as Bridal Shower Guest
John McCafferty as Rob
Michelle Trongone as Bachelorette #1

Shadow Dancer Crew

Name Department
James A. Holt as Producer. Production
Michael Paul Girard as Director. Directing
Michael Paul Girard as Screenplay. Writing
Shadow Dancer poster
Shadow Dancer (26 years)

There's some very dirty dancing going on

  • Release day: Sunday, January 01, 1995
  • Runtime: 92 minutes