Septembers of Shiraz 8 years old

Septembers of Shiraz

In this adaptation of the critically acclaimed debut novel by Iranian American author Dalia Sofer, a secular Jewish family is caught up in the maelstrom of the 1979 Iranian Revolution.


Septembers of Shiraz Cast

Name Character
Adrien Brody He was 43, now 50 years old as Isaac
Salma Hayek She was 49, now 57 years old as Farnez
Shohreh Aghdashloo She was 64, now 71 years old as Habibeh
Anthony Azizi He was 47, now 54 years old as Mehdi
Bashar Rahal He was 41, now 49 years old as Komiteh Member
Gabriella Wright She was 34, now 41 years old as Farideh
George Zlatarev He was 45, now 52 years old as Farhad
Aslı Bayram She was 35, now 42 years old as Shahla
Alon Aboutboul He was 51, now 58 years old as Mohsen
Velislav Pavlov He was 16, now 23 years old as Hossein
Armin Amiri as Keyvan
Liron Levo He was 44, now 51 years old as Navid Amin
Ivailo Dimitrov He was 26, now 34 years old as Mustafa
Navid Navid He was 36, now 43 years old as Morteza
Nasser Memarzia as Mansoor
Maggie Parto as Voice Over

Septembers of Shiraz Crew

Name Department
Annie Beauchamp as Production Design. Art
John Scott as Editor. He was 86 (61) years old when He died Editing
Kes Bonnet as Supervising Art Director. Art
Irina Kotcheva as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Mark Isham as Music. He was 64 (now 72) years old Sound
Marianne Stanicheva as Casting. Production
Wayne Blair as Director. He was 44 (47) years old when He died Directing
Les Weldon as Producer. Production
Gerard Butler as Producer. He was 46 (now 54) years old Production
Heidi Jo Markel as Producer. She was 45 (now 52) years old Production
Warwick Thornton as Director of Photography. He was 45 (now 53) years old Camera
Kaloian Vodenicharov as Stunts. Crew
Alan Siegel as Producer. He was 77 (now 85) years old Production
Danielle Robinson as Producer. She was 26 (now 34) years old Production
Asen Asenov as Stunts. He was 54 (now 63) years old Crew
Ivailo Dimitrov as Stunts. He was 26 (now 34) years old Crew
Radoslav Ignatov as Stunts. Crew
Septembers of Shiraz poster
Septembers of Shiraz (8 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, September 15, 2015
  • Runtime: 110 minutes