Searching for Sonny 10 years old

Reunited friends find themselves the chief suspects of a murder mystery that seems eerily similar to a play they performed in high school.


Searching for Sonny Cast

Name Character
Minka Kelly She was 31, now 41 years old as Eden Mercer
Masi Oka He was 36, now 47 years old as Sonny Bosco
Michael Hogan He was 62, now 72 years old as Principal Faden
Jason Dohring He was 29, now 39 years old as Elliot Knight
Clarke Peters He was 59, now 69 years old as The Narrator
Nick Kocher as Calvin Knight
Brian McElhaney as Gary Noble
Michael Kagan He was 67, now 77 years old as Mr. Mercer
Matt Beckham as Vick
Richard Folmer as Finley

Searching for Sonny Crew

Name Department
Dietrich Adam as Art Direction. He was 58 (now 68) years old Art
Gregory Beauchamp as Producer. Production
Red Sanders as Producer. Production
Andrew Disney as Director. Directing
Andrew Disney as Writer. Writing
Alice Wood as Original Music Composer. Sound
Jeffrey Waldron as Cinematography. Crew
Searching for Sonny poster
Searching for Sonny (10 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, October 22, 2011
  • Runtime: 94 minutes