Scathed 28 years old

A truly odd little mood piece, it features Matthew Bell (the narrator of Gregory's Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth) as a guy named Joe who stops off for an afternoon beer at a bar where nudists and weirdos prowl around outside. There he strikes up a difficult conversation with a beautiful but not-very-conversant young woman in an eyepatch who tells him about how she wound up at this hole in the wall, a perverse saga involving an iron-fisted owner named Miss Antonia Curis.


Scathed Cast

Name Character
Holly Woodlawn She was 48, 69 years old when she died as Miss Antonia Curtis
Matthew Bell as Joel Miklaszewski
Slone Stambaugh as Andrea Skinner
Bryan Rosenthal as Hank

Scathed Crew

Name Department
David Gregory as Director. He was 335 (49) years old when He died Directing
David Gregory as Writer. He was 335 (49) years old when He died Writing
Scathed (28 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 01, 1995
  • Runtime: 45 minutes