Savage Beach 33 years old

Someone won't get out of this alive!

Savage Beach

Donna and Taryn are federal drug enforcement agents based in the Hawaiian isles. Upon the success of a drug bust, they receive a call from Shane Aviation to fly an emergency package of vaccine from Molokai to Knox Island. Unbeknownst to them, Philippine representative Martinez has convinced Captain Andreas to use a reconnaissance satellite to locate a sunken ship laden with gold that the Japanese had pilfered during World War II. Meanwhile, a storm forces Donna and Taryn to land their plane on a remote island which harbors the gold. The hijinks ensue when they are joined by a host of nefarious types who have learned of the gold’s location.


Savage Beach Cast

Name Character
James Lew He was 37, now 71 years old as Agent #1
John Aprea He was 48, now 82 years old as Captain Andreas
Al Leong He was 37, now 70 years old as Fu
Lisa London She was 32, now 66 years old as Rocky
Patty Duffek She was 26, now 60 years old as Pattycakes
Dona Speir She was 25, now 59 years old as Donna
Hope Marie Carlton She was 23, now 57 years old as Taryn
Teri Weigel She was 27, now 61 years old as Anjelica
Bruce Penhall He was 32, now 66 years old as Bruce Christian
Rodrigo Obregón He was 37, 67 years old when he died as Martinez
Michael J. Shane as Shane Abilene
Eric Chen He was 24, now 58 years old as Erik
Maxine Wasa She was 25, now 59 years old as Kelly

Savage Beach Crew

Name Department
Andy Sidaris as Director. He was 58 (76) years old when He died Directing
Andy Sidaris as Writer. He was 58 (76) years old when He died Writing
Howard Wexler as Director of Photography. He was 40 (now 74) years old Camera
Arlene Sidaris as Producer. She was 48 (now 82) years old Production
Michael Haight as Editor. Editing
Gary Stockdale as Original Music Composer. Sound
Savage Beach poster
Savage Beach (33 years)

Someone won't get out of this alive!

  • Release day: Sunday, October 01, 1989
  • Runtime: 92 minutes